More photos of Pawel Chrzanowski’s 10mm ACW figures!


Figures from the impressive collection of Pawel Chrzanowski.

All photos were taken by Małgorzata Gozdyra.


These Union zouaves are welcome to  fight on my tabletop any day! WOW! Remember, these are 10mm figures, and they are painted to the level and quality of a 25 – 28 mm figure! I am so jealous (and admiring of Pawel’s talent!). Great job!


Just look at that tiny drum! What detail!



Now, that’s perhaps the single most impressive 10mm artillery stand that I have ever seen! What amzing detail! The stack of shells ready to be loaded is a nice touch.

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2 thoughts on “More photos of Pawel Chrzanowski’s 10mm ACW figures!

  1. Amazing detail. I am impressed.

  2. Thomas Beach

    Truly amazing. I can’t spend too much time observing these figures as I would never again be able to return to painting my own 10’s. Clearly the best ACW 10’s I have ever seen. I eny your skills. Curious to know what rules Pawel prefers.

    Tom Beach

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