15mm Artillery Figures from Scale Creep Miniatures


Mark Severin of Scale Creep Miniatures in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area was kind enough to send me a few packs of his new line of 15mm artillery pieces. The figs came well packaged and in a timely manner. Each gun pack has a pair of very nicely sculpted miniature Civil War artillery, which are easy to assemble. Well cast and well molded, the guns fits together nicely with minimal effort. The castings are of high quality pewter alloy, with little flash and no signs of miscasting.

Artillery 003

Scale Creep’s new artillery crew figures come in three separate styles, either bare-headed or wearing slouch hats for those Western Theater armies or kepis for Eastern Theater batteries. They can be intermixed for more variety. The figures are compatible with other makes of guns and with AB and Battle Honors gun crews, as well as Old Glory. Adding in Mark’s new castings again will add more poses and variety to your existing armies, either North or South.


The artillery crew comes with eight figures per package for only $4.50 US. They had a bit of mold flash, but it was easy to remove with an Exacto-type knife. There are four poses, a rammer, bucket boy, loader, and gunnery sergeant. The figures are quite proportional and again, they are well sculpted and cast. (The very nice woods piece is by John Mayer of Little Round Top Miniatures; it was reviewed in a past issue of CHARGE! newsletter).

Mark Severin’ s interesting and informative website is chock full of goodies for the Civil War miniature wargamer or dioramist. Check it out today! Be sure to tell him you saw the review from the Johnny Reb Gaming Society’s CHARGE! blog.

Artillery 001

The guns come two to a package for again, only $4.50 per set. There are three sets currently – 12-pounder Napoleons, 3-inch Rifles, and 10-pounder Parrott Rifles.

Great additions to your line, Mark! Best wishes from the Johnny Reb Gaming Society, and thanks for your recent additions to the fine hobby of miniature wargaming!

Scale Creep Miniatures

(513) 728-9808

Mailing Address:    P.O. Box 8742 – Cincinnati OH 45208
Store Location:      3130 Wasson Road – Cincinnati OH 45209

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