My 15mm Battle of Monocacy wargame at Fall-In 2009


Part of the Union VI Corps line along the Georgetown Pike. This is Truex’s brigade in action defending the turnpike against the Louisiana Tigers. The veteran 8th Illinois Cavalry is in the foreground.

I ran a 15mm miniature wargame of the Battle of Monocacy at the annual Fall-In convention in Gettysburg on November 5.  The rules were Johnny Reb 3, and the scenario featured three Union players (1 brigade of Lew Wallace’s army and 2 brigades of the VI Corps of the Army of the Potomac) against five Confederate players (John B. Gordon’s division, McCausland’s brigade of dismounted cavalry, and one of Rodes’ brigades).


The Confederate right flank is shown here (Clement A. Evans’ brigade of Georgians).

The scenario was written by author and wargamer Scott L. Mingus, Sr. and appears in the current issue (#25) of the CHARGE! newsletter, published each quarter by the Johnny Reb Gaming Society.


In the foreground are the charred and smoking ruins of the burned covered bridge over the Monocacy River, burned by Union troops to prevent its usage by Robert Rodes’ division of Confederate infantry.


Major General John B. Gordon led the afternoon attack in which his division forced back Ricketts’ Union VI Corps division. Gordon had risen steadily in the Confederate command structure, having once been a private and finishing the Civil War as a corps commander reporting directly to Robert E. Lee.

In this scene, the model Monocacy River was made by Doug Kline of Battlefield Terrain Concepts, with modifications and added foliage and scenery by Scott Mingus.


Another view of the 15mm layout of Monocacy by Scott Mingus of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society.

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