Miscellaneous photographs from Fall-In 2009

fallin2009 016

I attended the Fall-In convention at Gettysburg in early November and presented a 15mm wargame of my Johnny Reb 3 scenario for the Battle of Monocacy. During downtime after my game and before playing in some other Civil War games, I took a few random photos of other ACW games being played on other tables, both land battles (as shown above; I think this was a Fire & Fury game) and naval battles. I also snapped a couple of other games that I enjoyed watching.

fallin2009 008

Here’s a nice little 1:600 Confederate fort in one of the many Civil War naval games being played at this year’s Fall-In.  Union Naval guns were trying to silence the bastion, with some success.

fallin2009 007

A 1:600 riverside town somewhere in Dixie. I have just started in naval warfare and bought a nice collection of Thoroughbred ships by Toby Barrett, although I do not yet have houses and wharfs.

fallin2009 025

I believe this was the Battle of Stones River in 15mm, although I cannot find my notes or program to go back and check for sure. Judging from the barren trees, a winter battle such as Stones River (Murfreesboro) would be likely.

fallin2009 006

This 20th century naval wargame caught my eye for the simple reason that the gamemaster made more than 2 dozen wooden ships himself. These hand-made vessels remind me somewhat of the folk art ships that you see for sale at New England seaside shops. What an amazing amount of time he must have spent shaping and assembling these sturdy model ships!

fallin2009 029

This shot is from Larry Morris’s 15mm Johnny Reb 3 game on Friday evening. Larry is from the Philadelphia area and always puts on a fun game. On the left is another veteran JR3 gamemaster and player, P. J. O’Neill, from New York; the other player is unidentified.

fallin2009 037

Another large Civil War naval game; this one was in the same room on Saturday as Jim Kopchak’s impressive Gettysburg 15mm game. Judging from the roars of delight and agony coming from behind me in this naval assault, the players were really getting into the spirit of the scenario.

fallin2009 042

Now these are some impressively painted teensy structures!!! I really need to pick some up for sure to add color to my 1:600 gaming activities.

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