A few more random photos from Fall-In 2009


I liked the overall terrain of the this World War II tank game, and saw a couple ideas I can shamelessly steal for my 15mm Civil War layouts. One of the joys of large wargaming conventions is viewing all the other gamemasters’ terrain setups and incorporating new ideas into my layouts.


Here is a 15mm Johnny Reb 3 game presented by veteran New York gamemaster P. J. O’Neill. His sculpted terrain board was nice, and P. J. always runs a fun scenario.


A crowd gathers around the table for this 15mm Battle of Monocacy game hosted by yours truly. The game was close and rather evenly matched.



Another photo of a Civil War game, this one the Battle for the Bliss Farm at Gettysburg, a Civil War Commander game hosted by Cleveland wargamer Jim Kopchak.

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2 thoughts on “A few more random photos from Fall-In 2009

  1. Doug Rogers

    Fantastic scenery. a far cry from the old masking tape and carpet cut-outs.

  2. James Korten

    Is P.J. O’Neill’s game Arrowfield Church ? If so, that is so wrong. I’ve been eyeballing the map on that one for over a year now. LoL. Nice looking game.

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