Turning license advertising plates into Civil War fields

The license plates before…

Here in Pennsylvania, the state only issues back license plates, leaving the front open to be used by car dealers to advertise their businesses, or for the driver to deploy customized plates to his or her liking. I had a couple of these advertising plates laying around and the semi-rigid,  thin plastic plates make very good bases for modelling Civil War fields for miniature wargaming.

…and after.

I painted some five-rail fences from Musket Miniatures, affixed them to cardstock bases, and then glued the 2-inch fence sections in place around the rim of each of the two license plates. I added a cross-fence to divided the master lot into two individual fields (varying the size of the two resulting smaller fields for some variety).

I cut up some latex molded fields from Miniature World Maker to the correct dimensions of my base and glued them in place using Allene’s Tacky Glue. I then filled in the edges with “brush” made from Woodland Scenics’ clump foliage.

I picked up a yard of teddy bear fur from the local JoAnn Fabrics and cut sections into the right size for my “fields.” These were glued in place using the Allene’s Tacky Glue. Again, edges were decorated with more clump foliage.

Here’s another Miniature World Maker latex field being glued in place. I added clump foilage, small “plants,” and some rocks.

The finished product. I may dry brush the teddy bear “fur” a little for some variety.

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2 thoughts on “Turning license advertising plates into Civil War fields

  1. Outstanding use of waste materials!

  2. Billy DiGiulio

    Brilliant! They really look for fantastic as well — thanks for sharing this Scott!

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