Cold Wars 2010 – my 15mm Pipe Creek game

I ran a 15mm Civil War miniature wargame today at the annual Cold Wars convention in Lancaster, PA. There were 8 players in the game, and we used the new Johnny Reb 3 random events cards designed by Robert Sweeney. They add a little suspense to the strategy, and getting the right card at the right time can be quite helpful (and hurtful to the opponent).

The scenario is the Union I Corps’ defense of a bridge over the Taneytown Road just north of Uniontown, Maryland. This is based upon Meade’s planned Pipe Creek Line during the Gettysburg Campaign. Indiana’s “Long Sol” Meredith positions the famed Iron Brigade of the West to repel an attack by Joseph Pettigrew’s Confederate brigade.

The Iron Brigade prepares to defend the bridge on the Taneytown Road over Pipe Creek. The elite 6th Wisconsin (foreground) will rout to the rear (the old snake eyes morale roll); they will not be a factor in the game but will later rally and at least rejoin the defensive line. Confederate general Pettigrew was killed not long after the 6th routed.

Paul’s Brigade and Baxter’s Brigade of Robinson’s Division defended the Union center. They were able to fend off Joseph R. Davis’s Mississippians and James Archer’s Tennessee brigade.

A sweeping view of the Union left and center as the Rebels close in for the initial round of firefights and subsequent charges.

The Union right flank. A sudden and surprise charge by Lysander Cutler’s brigade, which was defending the heights south of Pipe Creek, stopped the attack of Scales’ Rebel brigade. In a wild melee, four entire regiments (two on each side) wiped each other out. Doubler casualties with four dice; both players r0lled quite high!

The game won a PELA award / blue ribbon as the best game of the Thursday afternoon time slot at Cold Wars 2010. There were not many games today, as you can see in the background!

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One thought on “Cold Wars 2010 – my 15mm Pipe Creek game

  1. Doug Rogers

    Looks like Jim K on the left. It was really empty in that room!

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