My 1:600 Mississippi River town

(Click on each photo to enlarge it for better viewing of the details)

I purchased a few 1:600 scale model Civil War buildings from Bay Area Yards a couple of weeks ago. After painting these tiny structures (that was a painstaking task!) I decided to mount them as modular mini-vignettes that I could adjust and expand for various future ACW naval wargaming scenarios. These buildings were a buck or two apiece and are useful for detailing and modification.

The docks and piers are busy places as the riverfront bustles with activity. No one suspects that the next day will bring the specter of war to Johnson’s Bend, Mississippi. A Yankee fleet under Admiral David Dixon Porter is steaming downriver to capture the supplies being stored in the town’s many warehouses.

After painting the miniature buildings, I glued them onto fake credit cards, added flocking, “trees”,  streets, and other details such as the boatyard. I also glue on a wooden dowel to one factory as a smokestack. I created tiny “painted advertising signs” by clipping pictures from real buildings or from model railroad downloads. I then scaled them down to fit the sides of the multistory downtown businesses, glued them in place, and weathered them.

Most vessels, barges, and pilings are from Toby Barrett’s Thoroughbred Figures. The Victoria is a resin model that I picked up in the flea market at Cold Wars 2010 a couple of weekends ago. The docks are from Bay Area Yards; trees are from Woodland Scenics. Note the lumber company sign that I scaled and affixed to the BAY three-story mercantile establishment.

I plan to run the scenario at Historicon 2010 at the Valley Forge Convention Center this summer.

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5 thoughts on “My 1:600 Mississippi River town

  1. Curt Daniels

    Looks good Scott. I like the look of the river. Is it acetate over a brown cloth?

  2. Doug Rogers

    They look really good. Fun making them I bet.

  3. Curt,

    I used heavy, but flexible clear vinyl I bought at the Hanover PA Wal-Mart – about $10 or so. The cloth is a muddy brown colored broadcloth also purchased at the same store.

  4. Scott
    I’ve just started to build out a fleet of ironclads from Thoroughbred Miniatures – what rules do you use to game with?

  5. I use River Wars, a “beer and pretzels” rules system by veteran gamer Bob Johnson.

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