Huzzah! 2010 Gaming Convention

Here are a few photos from the first gaming session (April 30) at the Huzzah! Wargaming Convention in Portland, Maine. This regional con promises to be quite popular for years to come! A lot of eye candy, some interesting dealers, friendly faces, and some good restaurants in the general area.

This 25mm Civil War game is the assault on Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg. The figures are nicely painted, and game looked like a lot of fun.

The gamemaster for the Little Round Top game was Andrew Niven.  Here is his description: “Every school kid knows the hero of Little Round Top- Joshua Chamberlain. But do you know the rest of the story behind the struggle for the Union left flank? As Law, you must take the heights. As Vincent, you must hold at all costs. Enjoy an evening of table-top history at this Shipyard Feature Event.”

A Lord of the Rings game by Vic Gregoire… very nice figures!!! “You are the Fellowship of the Ring. Sam, Frodo and Gollum climb Mount Doom while you try to keep the forces of evil at bay. Will the Riders of Rohan arrive in time? What are those big elephant things? Can you hold on long enough for Frodo to throw the ring into the flames?”

I liked the river effect in this interest ancients game – quite nice. The little “reeds” are a nice touch and add to the overall impression!

Peter B. Landry presented this scenic 15mm Napoleonic game of the Battle of Albuera.  Initially outmaneuvered by Soult, Beresford must hope his Spanish Allies can hold on until his British and Portuguese can redeploy to save the day. Soult must press hard with his army in one of the bloodiest encounters in the Peninsular War.

Dealer list:

ADC Books:
Blue Moose Arts:
Bunker Hill Games:
Crossroad Games:
Dice Turret:
Eureka Miniatures USA:
Falcon Miniatures:
Hobby Bunker:
John Durant Bookseller:
MSD Games:
The Arrington’s Book Seller: Wells, Maine, 207-646-4124

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