Huzzah! 2010 gaming convention: Day 2

I attended the afternoon and evening gaming sessions of the inaugural Huzzah! gaming convention in Portland, Maine this weekend. This is the first significant wargaming convention held in Maine for more than fifteen years, and from all appearances, it will become an annual event. Lots of free goodies for the attendees, including bottles (or boxes) of Vallejo paints for all attendees, and well as large bottles of local BBQ sauces, small jars of blueberry jelly, and other stash in the nice canvas goodie bags. More door prizes than you can could!!! These guys know how to put on a con!

Here are several more photos of the gaming action!

This medieval castle layout was very impressive! There is a ton of money tied up in this gamer’s collection, but the effect was good and the game looks fascinating. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

Here’s another nice building on a different table; the mill is quite nice. Miniature Building Authority??? Not sure, but sweet!

Convention director Dean Emmerson (right center in the blue shirt) was dapper in his bow tie. He and his crew ran a VERY effective and great con, one of the best regional cons I have ever attended. Three cheers for Dean and friends – HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!

Another fun game – the Alamo in 25mm. The Texians whipped old Santa Anna and drove the Mexican army back into San Antonio de Bexar with massive losses. Well, maybe not.

In the morning, feature speakers were Civil War authors Peter B. Dalton, who spoke on Stonewall Jackson’s 1862 Valley Campaign and Scott L. Mingus, Sr. (above) who spoke on Robert E. Lee’s plans to capture Harrisburg, PA during the Gettysburg Campaign, and Jubal Early’s strike force as it seized Gettysburg, York, and Wrightsville before stalling at the Susquehanna River when 27th Pennsylvania Militia commander Col. Jacob G. Frick ordered the mile-and-a-quarter-long covered bridge to be torched.

Peter B.  Dalton presented this Civil War miniature game of one of the battles of the Peninsula Campaign – Savage’s Station. This was one of the fights during the Seven Days Battles with new Army of Northern Virginia commander Robert E. Lee.

Another shot of the castle layout! Photos don’t do it justice.

Another medieval layout featured some impressively painted mounted knights.

Another layout with some serious cash tied up in nice buildings. Another fun-looking game in which the players were having a blast.

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