A few pix from Memorial Day visit to Antietam and Manassas

On Memorial Day 2010, one of my sons and one of my grandsons spent the day at Antietam and Manassas enjoying the sunshine and fellowship. Here are a few photos.

I took the above photo from the observation tower at Antietam, and it shows the ground that my ancestors charged across as part of the 7th West Virginia infantry in Kimball’s Brigade.

The Rohrbach or Lower Bridge across Antietam Creek; made famous as “Burnside’s Bridge.”

Hercules (not really. It’s Stonewall Jackson after a vigorous program on his Nautilus equipment).

Confederate gun line on Henry House Hill at Manassas National Battlefield.

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3 thoughts on “A few pix from Memorial Day visit to Antietam and Manassas

  1. Great photos! I grew up in the Baltimore-Washington area, so your photos bring back memories of visits to these fields and (I know it sounds a bit cheesy) the sort of “solemn and majestic stillness” that seems to reign over them.

  2. Scott,

    Love the “Nautilus” remark.


  3. I grew up near Manassas, went to the 1961 re-enactment of First Bull Run, and have pictures of family members standing underneath that Jackson statue dating back to the 50’s!
    I didn’t visit Antietam until about 4 yrs ago. Definitely worth the trip. I remember playing a scale game of Antietam in John Hill’s (think: Johnny Reb) basement about 1975, using 5mm figures and a fast clock. John was stocking 5mm at The Scale, and I think this battle was a bonanza for his hobby shop!

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