15mm Missionary Ridge game at Historicon 2010

Here is a photo of my miniature wargame I presented today at the annual Historicon miniature wargaming convention (this year at the Valley Forge Convention Center after years in Lancaster PA). The 15mm wargame is of a portion of the Union attack on Missionary Ridge near Chattanooga, Tennessee, in late 1863. Phil Sheridan’s and Thomas Wood’s divisions of Gordon Granger’s corps attacked John C. Breckinridge’s Confederates atop the steep and high ridgeline.

Valley Forge was awarded this year’s convention after plans to go to the Baltimore Convention Center in the famed Inner Harbor fell through. The ride over from York this morning was fine on I-76; about an hour and 45 minutes and $3.20 in tolls each way.

Here is a look at the spacious first floor of the convention center about 9 AM before the gamemasters began setting up. This place sprawls, but seems to be working fine as a wargaming venue.

Much of the lower level was filled with the Vendor Hall and a series of Duke’s games, which are always a highlight!

Another view of my Missionary Ridge game, which had four large brigades of Yankees and five smaller brigades of Rebels on the hill. The Union forces outnumbered the Rebels, who had the advantage of hasty works. The Yanks had far superior artillery, although they rolled horribly throughout the 7-turn game.

I kept track of victory points, awarding 1 point for every enemy casualty inflicted, 1 for each officer wounded, 2 for each officer killed, 3 for each Union regiment that entered the Rebel works, 5 apiece for three terrain points, and 2 for each unit routed or eliminated.

The game came down to the last turn, with the Rebels holding a slim lead in victory points. At the end of the game, the score was tied 70-70. it came down to the final die rolls for officer casualties, and neither side could score any points for successfully shooting any enemy officers.

Doug Kline of Battlefield Terrain Concepts awarded each player a coupon for 10% off on his new latex roads.

I will be back at Historicon on Friday to help run a 15mm game of Mill Springs, again using the popular Johnny Reb 3 rules set.

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2 thoughts on “15mm Missionary Ridge game at Historicon 2010

  1. Doug Rogers

    Nice PICs and battle description.

  2. Ghost6

    Looks good! Glad to see some western battles for a change!!

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