More Historicon 2010 photos

15mm Mill Springs game presented by Tom Ballou of Battle Group Boston. This game was re-run three times using different rules each time — Carnage & Glory, then Johnny Reb 3, and finally They Couldn’t Hit an Elephant.

Actor and war hero Capt. Dale Dye (Platoon, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Starship Troopers, etc.) was the special guest star at Historicon. His presentations were fascinating and humor-filled.

Jeff Corbin (not shown) and Larry Morris (left) of the Yellow Worm Gaming Society presented a Johnny Reb 3 game using an interesting double flanking mirror image layout.

This futuristic Star Wars-type layout caught my eye. Star Wars was one of my favorite movies series, albeit I did not like the second series as much as the original trilogy.

I also liked this miniature depiction of Battery Wagner in South Carolina. The actual fort is long gone, but was the site of the famed attack of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, which was depicted in the Oscar-winning movie Glory.

Another view of the attack on Battery Wagner… the layout was very impressive, and the game looked fun!

Some of the ships lying offshore awaiting bombarding the fort.

My 15mm Missionary Ridge game — part of Phil Sheridan’s division attacks the distant Rebel line up on the steep ridge.

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4 thoughts on “More Historicon 2010 photos

  1. Mike Wedding

    Battery Wagner assault looks great with tons of guys…do you know what rules they were using?

  2. Cool photos!

  3. Anonymous

    Iron and fire naval with a house land suppliment

  4. larry

    without fail

    depsite having a cmaera in my pocket, i forget to take pictures of my game.

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