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More 10mm gems from Pawel Chrzanowski!

The 1st Maryland (CSA) in miniature, with Marse Robert himself!

Veteran wargamer and master painter Pavel Chrzanowski is back with some more photos of his incredibly well painted 10mm American Civil War figures. These are some of the nicest eye candy you will see in figures of that small scale!


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New book: Men of Color to Arms! by Elizabeth D. Leonard

In recent years, there has been renewed media attention on the so-called “Buffalo Soldiers,” black men who enlisted in the U.S. Army and typically patrolled the Old West in search of hostile Indians. A TNT mini-series has been a consistent seller and is occasionally re-run on prime time. Quite a few magazine articles and other hard copy have been published, but perhaps none is as good of a general overview as Elizabeth D. Leonard’s newly released Men of Color to Arms! (New York: Norton, 2010).

The title comes from orator and civil rights activist Frederick Douglass, who sent his own sons off to the army during the American Civil War. Leonard looks at the rise of the black soldiers movement in both the North and belatedly in the Confederacy. She tells the story of several individuals, including Christian A. Fleetwood who received the Medal of Honor for his Civil War exploits, and regiments such as the U.S. Colored Troops.

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