Back issues of CHARGE! newsletter now on-line for only $2.99 each!

YORK, PA — The Johnny Reb Gaming Society, a non-profit wargaming society based in York,  is pleased to announce a partnership with the Wargame Vault to offer back issues of CHARGE!, our official quarterly newsletter. Each issue features 2-5 regimental-level scenarios to recreate battles of the American Civil War using miniature wargaming rules systems such as Johnny Reb 3, Regimental Fire & Fury, Civil War Commander, Rally Round the Flag, Gettysburg Soldiers, and many others. Back issues #1 – #24 are now available on on-line at the Wargame Vault for only $2.99 per issue. All are downloadable and printable.

For an index of these scenarios and ordering information, please visit the website of the Wargame Vault.

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2 thoughts on “Back issues of CHARGE! newsletter now on-line for only $2.99 each!

  1. James A. Randall

    Hello: I am writing an “alternate history” novel of the Civil War called “Dixie Risen” and have been searching for ANY wargaming that looks at the possibility of a Rebel victory and its immediate consequences. As my novel posits the armed intervention of the Great Powers (Britain, France, Russia) after the South Defeats the North, I have received useful information from contacts in Britain, France and Russia. Appreciate any help you can render on the American side, even if just turning me toward helpful URLs, books, etc.

    Thanks for your help!
    James A. Randall

  2. What kind of specific help are you requesting? There is a vast amount of material obviously out there on the American Civil War. Do you have a particular area of interest? Would be happy to help!

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