Some ACW photos from Tennessee gamer Cory Ring

Click on each photo to enlarge to so you can even better appreciate these fine wargaming photographs!

Tennessee wargamer and gamemaster Cory Ring, a long-time member of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society, sent me several photographs of a recent game he ran. These are nicely painted figures, and are a credit to his tabletop battlefield.

Here are some more photos contributed by Cory Ring. Impressive work! Thanks for sending the photos to JRGS for inclusion here on the CHARGE! Civil War gaming and diorama blog!

The 45th Ohio defends a rail fence. The regiment was organized at Camp Chase in Columbus on August 19, 1862 and mustered in for three years service under the command of Col. Benjamin Piatt Runkle. It served in the Western Theater until mustering out in Nashville, Tennessee, in June 1865.

I really like the old barn in the background. Nicely done! Barns, outbuildings, farmhouses, fences, crop fields – all can add color and depth to a miniature wargaming tabletop battle.

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One thought on “Some ACW photos from Tennessee gamer Cory Ring

  1. Steve

    Nice shots! Looks awesome

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