Battle of Honey Hill featured in Issue #29 of Charge newsletter

Honey Hill has always been one of my favorite Civil War battles to wargame. Years ago I gamemastered a Johnny Reb 3 scenario for this battle at a now-defunct comic book store in Madison, Ohio. My friend Doug Rogers and one of his sons opposed me and one of my boys. Honey Hill gives the gamer a chance to use a wide variety of figures that are not commonly seen on wargaming tables at the same time. The Union forces includes US Colored Troops, the famed 54th Massachusetts, US Marines, a Naval Brigade, and state volunteer troops, while the Rebels were a concentration of various units of Georgia militia. The entrenchments at Honey Hill had been designed and constructed by Robert E. Lee early in the war before he went back to Virginia before the Peninsula Campaign.

In the most recent issue of the hard copy Charge newsletter, we present an original Honey Hill scenario from long-time gamer Lowell Hamilton. While designed for Regimental Fire & Fury, it is an interesting scenario that is easily adapted to Johnny Reb 3 or other similar regimental rules sets.

The Scenario-2

Historical Commentary-2

For some reason, when Lowell’s Excel file for the unit labels was transferred into MS Word and formatted to match the typically layout of Charge, the sizing and format of the labels rendered them nonusable for RFF gamers. Please click on the link to call up the labels in their original Excel formatting.

Honey Hill OoB

Lowell will be submitting what promises to be a very good article on converting all those hundreds of JR scenarios out there to RFF. Watch for this in the next hard copy of Charge.

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