Finished my 1:600 ACW Naval Project

I have completed my winter project, laying out and creating 16 feet x 1 foot riverbanks for my new wargaming interest, 1:600 scale American Civil War riverine / naval wargaming. This is generic terrain meant to evoke the general flavor of the terrain, with bluffs, farms, woods, watercourse confluences, and small towns with their wharfs and docks.

And, oh yes, complete with a series of Confederate forts and campsites, daring the Union flotillas to take a crack at running past them.

Watch out for the torpedoes (mines)!


The Yankees and Rebels cautiously approach one another. Click each photo to enlarge the details.

It’s like an old Wild West shootout.


Unarmed riverboats, transports, and tugs scramble to get up steam and head for safety in case the Union fleet breaks through and begins to shell the docks.

The shore guns prepare to blast away at the oncoming Yankees, which include an eclectic mixture of Ellet rams, Eads turtles, and ironclads.

The view from the western riverbank.

The battle is joined!

Fire away, boys!


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7 thoughts on “Finished my 1:600 ACW Naval Project

  1. Paul

    Beautiful! This is inspirational. What did you use for the river?

  2. I purchased two yards of a dark brown broadcloth from Walmart and two yards of clear plastic vinyl (mid-range thickness). Setup is a snap – lay down the brown cloth, overlay it with the vinyl, and instant river!

  3. Wow Scott!!!

    Very nice!

    I particularly like the nicely detailed banks. The buildings, fields, and the other details really work well!

  4. Damn the torpedoes!

    That river looks really good! I was also going to ask how you made it. I can’t believe how easy that sounds.

  5. Bruce Moore


    Well done!!! All I can say is: Wow!! I am speechless.

  6. Beautiful terrain!!! Looks like the game was fun as well.

  7. Phil Willows

    Awesome! I’ve had the same idea for the river effect myself. Now that I see it in action I am going to the fabric store to pick up the plastic later today.

    I guess I will be hitting Bay Area Yards for their buildings too.

    Thanks for the pictures.

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