For you Civil War cavalry buffs!

Confederate cavalry splashes across a creek in the Loudoun Valley of Virginia and prepare to defend against oncoming Pleasonton’s oncoming Union troopers off in the distance. (Click each photo to enlarge it)

Long lines of opposing cavalry prepare to advance. The lush farm fields will soon be torn asunder by the thundering hooves of hundreds of horses.

Some of Fitzhugh Lee’s veteran Virginians scream the Rebel yell and gallop forward toward the awaiting New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians.

The Yankees in response launch a major countercharge, which will sweep past their advance dismounted skirmishers.

“Forward, at the gallop!”

The battle is joined!

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4 thoughts on “For you Civil War cavalry buffs!

  1. Hi Scott.. your pics are great but you need more light on the foreground subject; we’re seeing the image mostly in focus and the distance focus is good, but we old guys need a little more light on the foreground region

  2. Dick Verzillo

    great stuff…excellent landscape

  3. Jim Korten

    Very nice table top. Some of the best photos you’ve taken of your collection too.


  4. Joe Martin

    Those castings look like the old “Confederettes” by Heritage/Empire from the late 1970’s. Some of the first minis I ever purchased. Am I right? At any rate, very inspiring.

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