Blue Moon 15mm ACW figures – new line of Civil War soldiers!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, wargamer and living historian John Mayer sent me three photographs of his freshly painted 15mm Blue Moon Civil War wargaming figures. Blue Moon has made quite a splash lately with their new line of figures, and these photos show the detail of some of the Confederate models.

Click each photo to enlarge it for better viewing of these exciting new figures.

John writes, “I really like these figures, although not as much as the original Old Glory.  They are definitely bigger and I think some people will have a problem with that; but still some of the best sculpted  since Old Glory’s originals and AB or Battle Honors. These new figures have good detail and nice sturdy rifles, although the bayonets seem just a little small and stocky, which I understand the reasoning for that.”

John adds, “Blue Moon’s  new figures are a bit bigger, but I would use them with my Old Glory 15’s. I look forward to the shoulder arms figures and other specialty troops. How about some 1st Bull Run troops for us to celebrate the 150th Anniversary!”

Anyone out there who also has painted some of these new figures? What do you think? Yay or Nay?

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5 thoughts on “Blue Moon 15mm ACW figures – new line of Civil War soldiers!

  1. Joe Martin

    Beautifully painted. I think the Confederate officer looks like “Swamp Thing,” the pilot on the movie “ConAir.”

  2. Just saw that old movie again last night. Yep – the resemblance is there.

  3. Nice work!

  4. J Catanzarito

    I wonder how much bigger they are than old glory’s stuff? I really like that they sell packs of standard bearers! I’m always running short of standards! Excellent paint job as well! Very nice indeed!

  5. Anonymous

    Nice painting job? I’m new to the hobby…what paint did you use?

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