Shaara / Maxwell Civil War movies coming to Blu-Ray. Extended cut.

I can’t wait to see these in high definition Blu-Ray – should be very stunning graphics!

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4 thoughts on “Shaara / Maxwell Civil War movies coming to Blu-Ray. Extended cut.

  1. Stephen G

    I doubt if these films in Blue ray will be much better than the the DVD version. also nothing cab save Gods and generals

  2. You’ll be able to make out the glue holding on all those false beards.

  3. Yes too bad Gettyburg was so attrociously awful and ridiculous; otherwise, the subject matter was great. Too bad they concentrated on the wrong flank, wrong casting, wrong on so many levels it is hard to describe. But Bluray should be impressive!

  4. J Catanzarito

    I like watching Gettysburg for the first day action but usually turn it off shortly after that. Im sure it has nothing to do with Sam Elliot’s performance (real mustache)! It may have had a theatrical release but its still a made for tv movie. It really is a shame that one of the most written about topics of all time is only represented by two great films, Glory and Cold Mountain. IMO anyway.

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