Large crowds mark opening day of Historicon 2011 in Valley Forge PA

Historicon 2011 is now underway at the Valley Forge Convention Center in southeastern Pennsylvania. This is the second consecutive year that the year’s largest historical miniature wargaming convention has been held at Valley Forge; it’s only a short drive to the campsite where George Washington’s Continental Army spent a winter during the American Revolution.

This year’s theme, coinciding with the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War, was of course Civil War-related games. Dozens of gamemasters on opening day, Thursday, July 7, presented infantry games and there were a handful of ACW naval or riverine games on the docket as well.

Here are a few random photographs from Day 1 events at Historicon.

My personal favorite was this massive layout of Gallipoli which graced the dealer hall. All it needed was a tiny Mel Gibson, from the movie!

This was perhaps the most detailed layout of trench warfare that I have ever seen in 20 years of attending wargaming conventions in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Simply terrific!

I cannot imagine the hours and hours that went into sculpting this impressive wargaming layout!!! I would like to see it when the troops were in place.


I love cowboy games! This impressive layout was part of a massive multi-table game using the popular rules set High Noon. All they needed was a miniature Clint Eastwood in action!

I am also a fan of military dioramas. This small tableaux caught my eye in one of the dealer’s exhibits. Time for Snoopy and the Red Baron to make an appearance!


This impressive castle is from Miniature Building Authority, I believe. Very nice!

Bill Moreno always impresses the attendees with some of the largest and best Civil War layout you will ever see. This was a section of his massive layout depicts part of the Chattanooga Campaign. Kudos to you Bill for another fine effort!

I liked this example of a nicely crafted, rolling farmland layout for Civil War gaming. Storage could be an issue with these large layouts, but I enjoyed looking at the craftmanship.

Another popular feature of Historicon is the War College, a series of educational lectures and presentations on various military topics. With the theme of the Civil War, presenters at Historicon 2011 included authors Scott L. Mingus, Sr. (above with his kickoff presentation on Pennsylvania’s response to the 1863 Confederate invasion), John Hill, Peter Cozzens (the guest of honor at the convention), Dr. David Martin, and many others.


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