Some Civil War games at Historicon 2011 Saturday evening session

I wandered around the main gaming hall of the Valley Forge, PA. Convention Center on Saturday night of the annual Historicon miniature wargaming convention sponsored by HMGS (Historical Miniature Gaming Society). I took a few photos of some of the theme games (American Civil War).

The convention appeared crowded, with most tables filled with impressive looking wargames in progress. Crowds seemed thick, and most looked like they were having a good time on this the final night of gaming action for this year’s Historicon.

Although I game in 15mm, I really like the larger 25mm scale for its visual impact and impressiveness on the gaming table. This battlefield was still being set up as I wandered by, so there were no troops yet on the field. Still, the layout was progressing nicely.

Another nice layout in progress! One thing I enjoy about wargaming conventions is the opportunity to look at other gamemasters’ layouts and then shamelessly borrow their best ideas for inclusion in my own layouts.

This depiction of Burnside’s Bridge at Antietam has been a popular game at several HMGS-East conventions over the past couple of years. The layout nicely captures the steepness of the hills defended by Georgia infantry.

Rich Hasenauer’s very nice layout of the Battle of Beaver Dam Creek from the 1862 Peninsula Campaign will be featured in an upcoming magazine issue. Rich is the rules designer of Fire & Fury and Regimental Fire & Fury.

Here is a closeup of the old mill along Beaver Dam Creek. Rich cobbled this together from various pieces, but the overall look is quite good and served as a focal point for his terrain layout.

Johnny Reb rules author John Hill presents a certificate to scenario designer and Civil War author Scott L. Mingus, Sr. during the induction ceremonies for the HMGS Legion of Honor.

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4 thoughts on “Some Civil War games at Historicon 2011 Saturday evening session

  1. Anonymous

    Congrats on induction into the Legion!
    James Mattes

  2. Thanks so very much, James!

  3. Anonymous

    Congratulations on a well deserved Legion of Honor induction. Thank you for all your continuing contributions to the hobby.

  4. Scott & John,
    Lovely lovely job…I am friends via the web with Lowell Hamilton and CWRR Yahoo group with Bernie Kempinski whose Aquia Creek kine I visited on my way out to the Manassas 150th. Would have loved to have been at Historicon but I was a vendor last week in Historic Manassas with my birds eye view 3/4 overhead images of the camps and campaigns of the American Civil War.
    Love the photos…looks like you had a fantastic time. Wish I had been there.

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