Ivor Janci’s ACW game photos – Gettysburg Soldiers rules: Part 2

Recently I posted some photos of a wargame run in the Chicago area by long-time friend and graphic designer Ivor Janci. Here are some more photos, courtesy of photography Tim O’Leary. (Click each photo to enlarge it for easier viewing!)

A regiment and section of rifled artillery of General Brust’s stretched Union brigade tries to stop the advance of elements of two brigades of Confederates. Minutes later the column of Reb infantry will retreat due to the accurate fire of the Yankee cannons.

As the forward battery of Brust’s brigade fires canister into the advancing Rebels, his infantry fall back to a position behind the fences of the turnpike

A veritable beehive of Union regiments, from the 3rd and 4th brigades, form columns and move frantically to stop the Confederate sneak attack. For the game, each brigade was released (could leave their camp) on a schedule. General Brust’s Union brigade was able to react on turn 1 because he was closest to the Southerners. General Koenig’s Yankees moved on turn 2, another brigade under the temporary control of General Janci on turn 3, and finally Bajack’s brigade debouched on turn 4. There could have been Yankee reinforcements from another division, but they didn’t arrive in time.

To the Confederate right of the action against Brust’s Union boys, Rebel General O’Leary’s brigade is advancing in 2 columns of 3 regiments each deployed in battle-lines. Ahead of the Rebs is the imposing little hill that is lightly defended at this point.

A birds-eye view of the Rebel advance. Union troops are already forming what will become the their major defensive line at the fenced turnpike. The forward most battery of Union General Brust’s command, seen in the upper left, is all but down to just two cannons firing now. Remnants of his brigade occupy the very right of the Union line.

A battery fires over the heads of the fast-moving regulars and Collis’s Zouaves of General Bajack’s brigade. Sharpshooters of General Koenig’s brigade are manning the fence. This is the absolute center of the Union line.

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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One thought on “Ivor Janci’s ACW game photos – Gettysburg Soldiers rules: Part 2

  1. Ivor Janci

    Thanks, Scott, for posting the photos that Tim took of our game. Once again I have to say that we had fun playing this scenario using Larry and Justin Rebers’s Gettysburg Soldiers rules. It was a hard-fought contest for both sides.

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