Ivor Janci’s ACW game photos – Gettysburg Soldiers rules: Part 3

With the arrival of the 4th Confederate brigade commanded by General Janci, against the Federal left flank, even more pressure is applied. Union soldiers are rushing to take position behind the emplacements which will provide good cover from the fire of the Rebels.

This view is from the right-most flank of the Union line consisting of the remaining elements of General Brust’s brigade. In the center, the Rebel regiments of General’s Koenig (the senior) and General Marchese’s brigades are almost on-line to make a general assault. In the distance, O’Leary’s gray-coated men have brushed aside the light defense put up by Koenig (the junior). Just off camera in the upper left, Janci’s boys in gray are taking accurate fire from the Yankees. After the loss of many good men, Brigadier Janci will be heard responding to his divisional commander’s plea to re-organize and advance:  “General, I have no brigade…”.

The Union right starts to give way falling back behind the turnpike. Though more successful and still in the fight on the left flank of the Yankee line (upper right), the Union division will decide to do a general fall-back after a few defeats in melee in the center and their right.

After some melees at the turnpike most of which were won by the Rebels, formed troops under General Koenig (the senior) are getting ready for one more push against the Union regiments that are covering the withdrawal of the surviving regiments. In the lower right can be seen the destroyed artillery sections of General Brust’s command that put up a good fight at the beginning of the day.

I want to thank Ivor Janci for granting permission to reproduce these photos of his recent 20mm wargame on this Charge! blog.

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