Some more 10mm ACW figures from Pawel Chrzanowski

Talented figure painter and long-time wargamer Pawel Chrzanowski has been a regular contributor to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society’s Charge blog with his stunning photographs of his 10mm American Civil War collection. His ability to highlight and detail these tiny figures is amazing.

Many gamers of 10 and 15mm figures paint them using the “2-foot” rule, that is, detail them just enough so that they look good to the onlooker two feet from the gaming table. Not Pawel. His are museum-quality figures, as can be seen from the above picture. The cannon model is from GHQ and the gunners are from Langton Miniatures and Magister Militum.


Look at the fantastic detail on this depiction of the 10th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry! Superb job, Pawel! The regiment was organized at Fort Henry in May of 1861 and participated in several campaigns in the Western Theater.

A section of a Union artillery battery prepares for action.

The 104th Ohio had a mascot named Harvey that often accompanied the regiment into action. Pawel is one of the first gamers to depict this dog on a wargaming stand. It’s a great idea and I think I will also incorporate a dog or two into my wargaming armies. It adds some color to the unit.

Note the exceptional detailing on the flag of this New York infantry regiment! Not to mention the paint jobs!

To see more of Pawel’s tiny gems, visit this website. Readers are encouraged to submit photographs of your own collection of painted Civil War figures, toy soldiers, dioramas, and the like.

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One thought on “Some more 10mm ACW figures from Pawel Chrzanowski

  1. As an owner of “Zeal and Bayonets” blog I would like to correct some informations. Although I always post pictures of my friend Pawel’s works with pleasure, not all of the photos on my blog depict his figures. It happens that Harvey, the war dog of 104th Ohio, as well as other figures on this stand was painted by me. It doesn’t stripe Pawel of laurels because, indeed he was one of the first wargamer to include a dog on ACW stand in 10mm scale, but not Harvey, but another historical and even more famous canine. Next week I will have the pleasure to post the pictures of this animal. So, please visit my blog.

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