10mm Zouaves by Pawel Chrzanowski

Pawel Chrzanowski is back with another set of photographs of his marvelously painted 10mm Civil War figures from his collection. These are quite simply some of the finest examples of painted Union zouaves you will see! The detail is amazing, especially for such a small scale. I thank Pawel for allowing the Johnny Reb Gaming Society to use some of his pictures on our web site. They originally appeared on his friend Maciek’s “With Zeal and With Bayonets Only” website. Visit that site to see many more photos of work by both Pawel and Maciek.

Here is the text from Maciek’s interesting website:

Few unit are more picturesque than zouaves. Year 1861 saw start of the “Zouave craze” in America, credited to Elmer Ellsworth, a zouave enthusiast, drill master and, accidentally first Union officer killed in the war. Exotic uniform was adapted by many militia and volunteers units, particularly from New York and Pennsylvania.
Pictured here are soldiers of three different regiments: 5th New York (“Duryée’s Zouaves”), 10th New York (“National Guards Zouaves”) and 11th Indiana (“Wallace’s Zouaves”).
Figures by Magister Militum. Painted by Pawel.

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