Decorate your game room or man cave with canvas art prints!

Brendan Bailey of is offering a new service for military historians, wargamers, history buffs, photography buffs, and home decorators — photographs professionally printed onto high quality canvas and mounted on a wooden frame for display. These would be a cool addition to your game room, as you can customize the artwork with your own photography of your tabletop wargames, favorite battlefield scene, your Civil War or other living history reenactor unit, etc.

He also offers a large selection of his own stock photography of landscapes, cityscapes, battlefields, monuments, animals, and other topics, including several Civil War shots such as the one shown above from the Gettysburg National Military Park in south-central Pennsylvania.

It’s actually quite simple. I visited Brendan’s website (link above) and downloaded a nice photograph of my wife and me and two family members standing in front of Hazlett’s Battery on Little Round Top. In just a few keystrokes I had uploaded my digital photo, selected the size I wanted and the type of edge finish, and then I was ready to check-out. It took only a few minutes from start to finish. Within 2 weeks, I received a well-packaged canvas print in the mail, which arrived in excellent condition. It was of high quality, with a very nice appearance. He had retouched and optimized the color imagery before transferring the digital photo to the canvas. Debi and I proudly added it to our display of family pictures.

If you are looking for something unique and personal for your game room or another picture for your den or office, check out Brendan’s website. Be sure to mention the Charge! blog.

For more information, contact the company at

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2 thoughts on “Decorate your game room or man cave with canvas art prints!

  1. Jeff Pokorski

    I am looking for cool Christmas gift and I like the dioramas. Are any for sale? I live in Wisconsin. I am looking to spend anywhere from 50-400$ (one diorama, maybe two). Thanks.

  2. Jeff Pokorski

    My email is

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