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Gettysburg East Cavalry Field in 15mm at Fall-In 2011

Here are a few photos from my 15mm Civil War wargame at Fall-In 2011 on Saturday morning in Lancaster PA. This view looks south from the northern edge of the battlefield toward the Rummel Farm (top center) and Cress Ridge (top right).

We had 7 players for the game; all are long-time members of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society and are veterans of many Johnny Reb 3 wargames at HMGS conventions over the past decade. The scenario was adapted from my book Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature.

Click on each photo to enlarge it for easier viewing and more details. I apologize for the picture quality; lighting was not great and I did not have a tripod set up (and autofocus was off unfortunately). At least you get an idea of the table layout.

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Fall-In 2011

Here are a series of photos taken in the early afternoon of the first day of the annual HMGS Fall-In miniature wargaming convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Attendance seemed a bit lower than usual, but the enthusiasm level was very high in the gaming venues. There were several high quality games being presented from all sorts of military periods.

This year’s theme is Cavalry: From Horse to Helo’. Games represented medieval cavalry, Civil War, Napoleonics, Gnome Warfare, VietNam and AirCav, Custer and Little Big Horn, etc.

Click each photo to enlarge it for better viewing.

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Civil War wargames announced for Fall-In 2011 gaming convention in Lancaster, Pa.

Scott Mingus will be one of the gamemasters at this year’s annual Fall-In wargaming convention at the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Shown above is a scene from one of his award-winning tabletop layouts.

Here is the list of Civil War miniature wargames to be played this year.

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Guest book review by Dr. Thomas M. Mingus: New book on Aaron Burr

American patriot. Lawyer. Politician. Third Vice President of the United States. Killer of Alexander Hamilton. Traitor. There are many labels to which Aaron Burr has been called throughout history. Despite these many labels, there have been relatively few books on Burr’s life which have been comprehensively written and attempted to solve the mysteries surrounding him, until now. Controversial American forefather Aaron Burr’s life is wonderfully dissected by highly acclaimed author David O. Stewart in his new book American Emperor: Aaron Burr’s Challenge to Jefferson’s America. Finally, historians and readers alike can get a better understanding on the polarizing Burr, his life, and his tragic fall from political stardom, wealth, sterling reputation.

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Index of Charge! issues 1-30

Diorama of a dead Confederate sharpshooter in his rock nest at Devil’s Den during the Battle of Gettysburg. This Civil War diorama is at the Gettysburg Diorama Center (formerly Patriot Point) on Steinwehr Avenue.

Long-time Johnny Reb Gaming Society member Robert Sweeney has patiently indexed every issue of the hard copy Charge! quarterly newsletter from #1 to #30.

His searchable Microsoft Excel database can be found here:

Charge! index – Excel

Here is the same file as a .pdf version:

Charge! Magazine Scenario Listing

Charge! Magazine Article Listing-1

Thanks Bob!

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More 10mm ACW from Pawel!


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Wm. Britains dioramas

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