Fall-In 2011

Here are a series of photos taken in the early afternoon of the first day of the annual HMGS Fall-In miniature wargaming convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Attendance seemed a bit lower than usual, but the enthusiasm level was very high in the gaming venues. There were several high quality games being presented from all sorts of military periods.

This year’s theme is Cavalry: From Horse to Helo’. Games represented medieval cavalry, Civil War, Napoleonics, Gnome Warfare, VietNam and AirCav, Custer and Little Big Horn, etc.

Click each photo to enlarge it for better viewing.

A peaceful Vietnamese village. The residents hear the sound of approached U.S. helicopters. Here comes the AirCav!

A World War II tank game set in the early years of the war. The British versus the Germans somewhere in France. Clouds of “dust” are being kicked up by the armored vehicles.

Gnome Cavalry heads for the closest railway spur.

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2 thoughts on “Fall-In 2011

  1. Doug Rogers

    Flooded corn fields…too cool!

  2. Cory

    Great looking pics, I always like looking at other people’s games to get ideas to improve my terrain and to get inspired to get back to the painting table! The dealer hall looks impressve.


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