Converting Johnny Reb Scenarios to Regimental Fire & Fury

A typical Johnny Reb 3 terrain table; this one by Scott L. Mingus, Sr. of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society.

Lowell Hamilton is a long-time wargamer and gamemaster who is known for putting on his own excellent Civil War gaming layouts. He has been a leading proponent of my fellow HMGS Legion of Honor member Rich Hasenauer’s fine new rules set, Regimental Fire & Fury, which has rapidly gained popularity since its publication. There are literally hundreds of Johnny Reb scenarios that have been published over the past two decades (including several dozen that I have written). With a new generation of gamers moving over to Regimental Fire & Fury from the original brigade-level Fire & Fury, as well as many converts from the dozens of competing regimental-level ACW regimental rules sets, it has become clear that there is a growing need for a quick guide to adapting the older scenarios to make them usable for Regimental Fire & Fury.

Lowell recently filled that need with a fine article which first appeared in the limited hard copy print run of the JRGS’s Charge! quarterly newsletter. He has graciously allowed me to reproduce his original article, with Rich’s graphics and layout, here on my wargaming blog so that a much wider audience may enjoy his work.

Click here to download Lowell’s guide to converting Johnny Reb scenarios to Regimental Fire & Fury. You will need a .pdf reader (many are available for free on the Internet) to read this file. Thanks Lowell!

Converting JR to RF&F Article

And, keep in mind that the Johnny Reb Gaming Society accepts scenarios and strategy guides / painting guides / etc. for ALL regimental-level rules sets, not just Johnny Reb. So, please contact if you have fresh material for our consideration.


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