Today’s photos

A patrol of Confederate cavalry crosses over a stone bridge over Goose Creek in Loudoun County, Virginia, in 1863 in this miniature depiction by Scott Mingus of York, PA. Figures and house painted by my friend  Larry Reber of

A 15mm depiction of Col. William “Extra Billy” Smith running the color guard of the 49th Virginia into a fence during a misguided drill in the late summer of 1861 near Camp Pickens at Manassas, Virginia. Smith’s sense of military drill left something to be desired at that early stage of the war. He would have a distinguished career as a colonel, only to be promoted to brigadier general and have a not-so-stellar performance in that role. At Gettysburg, he was the oldest general in the battle. At the same time, he was the governor-elect of Virginia. Smith is the subject of a new book i have written.

A Confederate field hospital at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863. This is the McLean barn, painted by my friend John Mayer of Gettysburg, Pa. The actual barn still stands on the battlefield just north of the Mummasburg Road. It was a hospital for O’Neal’s brigade of Alabama infantry.


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