Units labels for Battle of Bald Hill scenario from Charge! issue #34 (Feb. 2012)

Midwestern wargamer and scenario designer Lowell Hamilton has contributed another well crafted regimental-level ACW scenario for Regimental Fire & Fury. This one covers the July 1864 Battle of Bald Hill (pictured above) from the Atlanta Campaign. The scenario appears in Issue #34 of the Charge! newsletter published each quarter by Debi and Scott Mingus of York, Pennsylvania, as a courtesy to the membership of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society.

Lowell has produced full-color labels for each unit in the battle. Note the labels in the photograph of the terrain table shown above. These labels help identify the regiment or battery, as well as key commanders and leaders, and provide information on strength, morale, etc. as a playing aid. They are color-coded to help easily identify which brigade each regiment belongs with on the table (for command and control, etc.).

Download the printable Excel file by clicking the link below.

Copy of Bald Hill OoB-1

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2 thoughts on “Units labels for Battle of Bald Hill scenario from Charge! issue #34 (Feb. 2012)

  1. Beau Ashby

    I am interested in the ACW miniature world. I enjoyed painting and scene building for a warhammer back in the early 90s. How do I start with the ACW? I think the 15mm are great, but do all soldiers and calvary come in each scale? I read that there is inconsistency between manufacturers…and are there any gamers in Northwest Arkansas? I am a descendant of the Turner Ashby clan, he was a cousin, generations removed so I would like to become more familiar with the battles he was involved in. Please reply when you get a chance.

    Beau Ashby

  2. Anonymous

    To answer your questions:

    Yes- all the cav and infantry come in the same scale. Try Old Glory or Blue Moon 15mm figs.
    There are gamers all over. Check Yahoo groups or HMGS website for possible gamers. Fire and Fury also has a forum that may be helpful.

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