15mm ACW layout at Sprenkle House Ministry Center in York, Pa.

I snapped these photos today with my cell phone  (excuse the quality) today at a layout I did during a model railroad open house at the Sprenkle House Ministry Center in York, Pa.  I ran a couple of  N scale trains around on the outside of the layout and introduced the visitors to the hobby of miniature wargaming while they came to look at our train group’s (Stillmeadow Crossing Modular Trains) massive O scale modular setup.

The Sprenkle House is part of the campus of Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene. The ministry center is built around a 19th century farmhouse which was raided by the 17th Virginia Cavalry during the Gettysburg Campaign back in 1863.

Trains pass through the outskirts of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, while hundreds of reenactors perform a sham battle for the crowds.

The outside loop is Bachmann EZ Track; a Christmas gift from my wife. The inner loop and the spur are Kato Unitrack.

Union reinforcements clog the roadways as they move toward the tiny Civil War reenactment taking place on a nearby farm.

The old Sach’s Covered Bridge got a fresh coat of paint before the reenactment.

This Bicentennial train was a gift from my grandparents back in 1976. My Grandpa Williams worked for the New York Central as a bridge builder.

The Stillmeadow Crossing Modular Train Group has a very large modular layout which is very popular. The group was formed on 2011.

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6 thoughts on “15mm ACW layout at Sprenkle House Ministry Center in York, Pa.

  1. Doug Rogers

    Need a period train because it is awefully hard to get that deisel fuel in 1863. lol
    Looks good Scott!

  2. That’s why it was a miniature reenactment!

  3. Anonymous

    Very cool, nice work!

  4. Anonymous

    Aren’t those Bicentennial trains worth a small fortune? Great idea for a train layout, include an ACW re-enactment! Nice work,Scott>

  5. Actually, they are not worth very much, unfortunately! You can find them on eBay for under $50 usually.

  6. captain richards miniature civil war

    Amazing layout, Scott

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