Cold Wars 15mm Second Manassas Railroad Cut Game

Stonewall Jackson's Confederates line the railroad cut at Second Manassas

Veteran gamemaster and author Jim Kopchak of the Northern Ohio Wargaming Society presented a 15mm game of Second Manassas at the annual Cold Wars gaming convention held at the Lancaster Host Resort in Lancaster, Pa.  My BlackBerry camera does not do justice to this visually appealing game. Six players enjoyed a 4-hour game which came down to the final turn before the Yankees managed a foothold in the railroad cut, winning the game.

Here are a few more photos…

The village of Groveton was a launching point for the attack of Maj. Gen. Franz Sigel’s division, which contained a significant number of soldiers of German heritage. Ironically the player in charge of this sector of the table was born and raised in southwest Germany.

Another view from behind the Confederate lines as Jackson’s troops prepare to meet the Union assault. The railroad cut was modeled with foam pieces as well as pine nuggets mulch.

The unburied dead still lay where they fell from the previous fighting at the Brawner farm near Groveton.

Jim used his home-grown brigade-level variation of the popular Johnny Reb 3 rules set. The previous evening he ran the exact same scenario his Civil War Commander rules.

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2 thoughts on “Cold Wars 15mm Second Manassas Railroad Cut Game

  1. Stephen geisinger

    The game was played intelligently by ALL the unmion commanders

  2. Not that you are biased or anything, Stephen!

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