Three new wargaming titles from Osprey

Osprey has launched a new series of books in August 2012 which are self-contained wargame rules, replete with typically impressive Osprey artwork for which the company is famed, as well as well-designed scenarios and playing aids. The first two of these small books, 64 pages in length, are the works of veteran gamers Daniel Mersey and Paul Eaglestone, and are sure to provide a popular foundation for expanding the series further.

Eaglestone”s A World Aflame: Interwar Wargame Rules 1918-39 offers the gamer a chance to use a single, cohesive set of rules for those series of conflicts set between World War I and World War II. Players can wargame the bloody Irish War of Independence, the many civil wars in China, the Spanish Civil War (no special rules for Ernest Hemingway!), and other confrontations of note.

To read more about the game mechanisms, click here. To order a deeply discounted copy from, click here.

The second book in the new Osprey Wargames series  of self-contained rules sets is Daniel Mersey’s Dux Bellorum: Arthurian Wargaming Rules AD367-793. This fascinating new rules set enables the gamer to become a warlord in the Dark Ages from the middle of the 4th century to the end of the 8th century, a time fraught with legendary heroes such as King Arthur and Sir Galahad. Players may be Roman officers, or any of a number of charismatic leaders of warring tribes such as the Picts, Saxons, Irish, British, etc. Again, the artwork is compelling and interesting to the Dark Ages gamer.

The new Osprey rules book is currently discounted on

The third new publication by Osprey is a decided departure from the new wargames series. Fallujah: Iraq 2004 covers the bitter, and often confused fighting in Iraq, a controversial war to be sure in both Britain and the USA. Osprey has chosen to provide a gaming resource for this period, although one wonders if the wounds are too fresh for some people.  This game is a supplement to the Force on Force 7 series.

Here is a description of the new title from Osprey’s website:

“Operations Vigilant Resolve and Phantom Fury – the operations to take and hold the city of Fallujah in the face of determined insurgent resistance – were amongst the most dangerous and controversial carried out by the Coalition forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom. These two battles of Fallujah saw some of the heaviest urban combat faced by regular troops in modern times and, even though much of the civilian populace had fled, the enemy was well-armed, well-prepared and driven by a fanatical resolve. With the scenarios and information presented in Fallujah, the latest Force on Force companion, wargamers will find themselves thrown into the narrow, twisting streets of the city, forced to negotiate IEDs, snipers, barricades, and a multinational insurgent force.”

Checking on at $24.95 and 142 pages, this book is nicely illustrated and contains Fog of War cards, scenario maps, orders of battle, and a historical background.

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