Some Civil War games at the Cold Wars 2013 wargaming convention


I attended the Friday night sessions of the 2013 Cold Wars miniature wargaming convention in Lancaster, Pa. The above photo is a section of a 25mm game of the Battle of Groveton, presented by Ohio gamemaster Jim Kopchak. The fighting resulted in a Union victory when the Rebel commanders retired. Jim used his own home-grown set of rules, Civil War Commander II.


Another shot of Jim’s 25mm layout. Jim’s rules include a unique “capture the flag” system of determining victory points. When a unit ir eliminated, that player who lost the unit must give 1 or 2 flags (depending upon the unit) to his opponent as trophies of war.

Here are more photos of Jim’s game, as well as Regimental Fire & Fury games by Lowell Hamilton and Rich Hasenauer, and a skirmish game by John Michael Priest.


Lowell Hamilton presented a game based upon the 1864 Battle of Atlanta using the popular Regimental Fire & Fury rules set, which he helped develop and then refine through many playtests.


Crowds for the convention were good, although bad weather, including heavy snow and high winds, in places along the Atlantic in the northeastern US made travel difficult for several gamers.


Another photo of Jim Kopchak’s Groveton game at Cold Wars. Jim is a member of the Northeastern Ohio Wargaming Society (NOWS).


Rich Hasenauer’s Regimental Fire & Fury Game was well attended, and everyone seemed to be having a very good time. Rich not only puts on a great game, but he also makes it entertaining and educational for his players.


Rich is the author of Fire & Fury, as well as Regimental Fire & Fury and other rules sets. He is based in Columbia, Maryland.


John Michael Priest is a Maryland-based high school teacher and the author of several popular books on Antietam, South Mountain, and Gettysburg. He has over the years developed a set of rules for playing wargames with 54mm “toy soldiers.” His games are always a lot of fun and easy to grasp.


Some more of John’s gaming figures. Many gamers got their start as children by playing with similar toy soldiers.

And now, here are a few random non-Civil War wargames…






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3 thoughts on “Some Civil War games at the Cold Wars 2013 wargaming convention

  1. Robb Kirchner

    There was a nice game- Champions Hill F&F. All the figures were made of match sticks. From 6 feet away you could hardly tell.

  2. I missed that one! It must not have been run on Friday night. That was the only time I could drive over to Lancaster from my home in York, Pa.

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    daniel sahlin

    Come by to Sweden and play our 15mm Gettysburg battle this may 9, 10, 11!

    We are playing the entire second day with 1/50 scale!!

    more than 4000 figures.

    Please contact me for more info, Meanwhile…. enjoy our own created rules…!

    daniel s

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