Massive new U.S. Army photo book is a winner!


The United States Army, rooted in the Continental Army of the late 1700s, tested in battle against domestic foes and  international forces, is now into its third century of existence. Hundreds of thousands of illustrations, photographs, paintings, and other graphics exist of uniforms, commanders, common soldiers, battlegrounds, and equipment/weaponry/vehicles/ships. Author D. M. Giangreco has mined these and selected a wonderful array of photographs and other visual media to illustrate his new book, United States Army: The Definitive Illustrated History.

1,400 to be precise.

In a stunning work which easily lives up to its name as the “definitive illustrated history,” Giangreco and his editors and publisher have created a book which is sure to be popular with anyone who has ever served in the U. S. Army, knows someone who did, or simply likes war stories and military history. The illustrations are lavish, frequent, and appropriate to tell the sweeping story of the everyday U.S. soldier in camp, on the march, or in combat. Here are photos of famous leaders, the warriors they c0mmanded, and the fields on which they served, and in some cases, bled and died.

Here are a few sample pages to give an idea of the general layout of the book, which is a must have for anyone interested in the Army.


The publisher, Sterling Publishing Co., gives this overview of the new book:

“Through glorious victories, devastating defeats, and incredible displays of bravery, award-winning author D.M. Giangreco immerses us in the thrilling history of the U.S. Army. From the defeat of British general Charles Cornwallis at Yorktown, to Antietam on the bloodiest day of the Civil War, to D-Day, the Tet Offensive, Operation Desert Sabre, and beyond, here is a matchless portrait of the world’s greatest democracy in wartime. Filled with more than 1,400 photographs and historic paintings, United States Army is a fitting testament to the valor and sacrifice of America’s ground troops.”


Among the illustrations are modern and historic uniforms, insignia, portraits, weapons, vehicles, equipment, maps, recruiting posters, and much more, including personalities and battle action.


The author, D. M. Giangreco, is a former editor of the U.S. Army’s professional journal, Military Review, as well as authoring numerous books. His impressive resume includes the Moncado Prize awarded by the Society for Military History.

Be warned.

You may find yourself immersed in this book and have a hard time putting it down. It’s quite lengthy, but incredibly interesting and satisfying, and deserves a prominent place on your book shelf or on the coffee table.

United States Army

D. M. Giangreco

Sterling Publishing

ISBN 978402791048

Hardcover and softcover, 528 pages, MSRP $24.95

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2 thoughts on “Massive new U.S. Army photo book is a winner!

  1. D. M. Giangreco

    I’m gratified that you like the book — and delighted that you showed a page spread that gives a hint of how much text in the book. Between the narrative and sidebars, the text of this ‘coffee table book’ stands at 180,000+ words!

    Thanks again for a great review.

  2. Thanks for your kind words on our book. For a behind-the-scenes look at what went into the production of this volume, watch the short book trailer at

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