James Vinski’s vintage Airfix army


Charge reader Jim Vinski is looking for help from the wargaming hobby. He need many more vintage Airfix figures to augment his army.  Specifically, “The Airfix Civil War marching infantry at the ‘right shoulder arms’ pose are the ones I am looking for. I prefer Airfix’s Union blue marching figures but would also accept Confederate gray at that pose. I’d prefer to trade other poses that I have in exchange for right shoulder arms, but if someone wants to sell them I could negotiate that. I’m looking for as many as possible. I appreciate any help you and your friends can give me. If they don’t have those figures, maybe they know of others who might have them.”

So, dear Charge readers, please contact Jim at jsvinski@gmail.com if you have any of these figures to trade or to sell.

And now for some more photos of his wee warriors in action…


Union troops march down a fence-lined dirt road behind their mounted officers. Jim added cartridge boxes, canteens, and scabbards at the correct sides, and some men now have custom-made blanket rolls. The flags were homemade years ago before the proliferation of readily available miniature flags on the Internet.


Most of the artillery are the old Airfix Waterloo Royal Horse Artillery, heavily modified. Jim added prolonge hooks and ropes, handspike upper pointing ringing, and hooks up front for tools for all of the guns.




So, please pass the word and forward this blog entry to your friends who collect vintage Airfix plastic Civil War soldiers! Let’s help Jim assemble as many of these right shoulder arms figures as possible!


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2 thoughts on “James Vinski’s vintage Airfix army

  1. Phil McBride

    I’m very impressed with the effort to add details like the canteens and cannon hooks and such. Wish I had some airfix figures to send.

    Phil McBride
    Lockhart, Texas
    Author: Whittled Away

  2. Robert E. Mulligan, Jr.

    I have some Airfix blue CW and I am sure we can make a deal. However, I am on vacation until mid February. Contact me then and I will go down cellar and see if I can find them.

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