The Battle for Fort Phil Kearny: Part 2


Steve Miller has been kind enough to send us a running narrative and images of a miniature battle for Fort Phil Kearny. In Part 1 of this series he set the stage for the action, giving a description of the fort and the unrest with the local Native Americans. Several wagon trains of wood cutters have been attacked and now the natives are eying the big fort. All has been quiet, so far.

Here is the second installment of Steve’s work:

Scene 2

Then just before noon, a large band of Sioux surge toward the QM gate.

#2S2Wagon impactingnexttoGate

Included in this group are 4 warriors who have attached lassos to the tongue of one of the QM wagons that were routinely left outside the QM area, for lack of space for all of them inside the palisade. They are hoping to crash the wagon into the QM gate.

#4S2AttackingMain Fort

However, rifle fire from the garrison kills two of these riders and sends the wagon careening into the stockade, just to the left of the gate. Unfortunately (for the garrison), within seconds a dozen warriors have used the wagon bed to scamper over the wall just above the wagon.

#5S2BravesScaling Palisade

There on the ramparts, hand- to- hand fighting occurs with most of the braves being felled in the first few minutes of fighting there.


However, two of them succeed in dropping off the ramparts and one of those is able to throw off the timber holding the gate closed and begin opening the gate before he falls to rifle fire.


Immediately a throng of mounted and dismounted braves pour through the opening into the QM Yard.


Scene 3

At this critical point, Lt George W Grummond, commanding the reserve platoon stationed in the center of the QMY wheels that platoon, formed in two ranks, toward the now open gate.


They get off two rounds and then Grummond orders them to fix bayonets and then “Charge!”


Stay tuned for the next installment to find out if Lieutenant Grummond and his hard-pressed infantry platoon can successfully drive off the horse of oncoming warriors.

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