Easy-to-use illustrated wargame mats from Cigar Box Battles!

IMG_3081Cory Ring of Cigar Box Battles has produced a growing series of printed mats/blankets for wargaming use. They are useful for quick set-ups for tabletop games where time or space is a premium. They come in a variety of styles and prints and can be cut apart for additional variety of setups.

In the case above, I set up a quick 15mm American Civil War game between a brigade of Union infantry and a Rebel brigade protecting a critical roadway leading from a village in Northern Virginia. I spread out the mat over an air hockey table in my game room, added a dozen stone walls, some houses and outbuildings, and placed a few tree models in the printed “woods.” Add the figures and the game is ready in under 5 minutes!!!

Cory has a nice website with photos and ordering information, as well as images of each of these new mats.


These mats fulfill a useful need. As a grandparent, another possible use would be to spread this out on the family room floor in front of the fireplace and have the boys set up their army men. This mat would make a great play space!


Sculpted hills and contours can be set down on the table first and the soft blanket laid over top; it will conform rather well to the terrain contour.


A job well done, Cory!!!!



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One thought on “Easy-to-use illustrated wargame mats from Cigar Box Battles!

  1. Takes me back to Timpo play ants in the 70s! God I feel old. Need to find a UK supplier!

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