Photos of my recent 15mm Pickett’s Mill ACW miniature wargaming layout

battery2I have recently been taking photos for an upcoming wargaming scenario book from my friend John Hill, the designer of the popular new Civil War miniature rules set, Across a Deadly Field. Here are a few photos of my layout for the battle of Pickett’s Mill, a fight in Paulding County, Georgia, on May 27, 1864.

This scene depicts Hotchkiss’s battery defending a wheat field against an impending massed brigade column attack by Major General Oliver O. Howard’s Yankee infantry.

Here are a few more photos which may be of interest.

Howard1General Howard massed his division into a brigade column and set them forward toward Hotchkiss’s gun line, which supported Govan’s infantry brigade (to the left of the guns) and Kelly’s dismounted cavalry fighting as infantry (to the right of the guns).

wheatfieldEnglish wargamer Alan Sheward made several wheatfields years ago from a mat and traded them to me for some palm trees. I added the fencing and underbrush.

batteryAcross a Deadly Field, published by Osprey Publications in the summer of 2014, is a very interesting new rules set to enable the gamer to fight grand tactical battles. It retains some of the elements of John’s classic Johnny Reb 3 but is a stand alone set of rules.

csa lineIMG_3119

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4 thoughts on “Photos of my recent 15mm Pickett’s Mill ACW miniature wargaming layout


    Great photos of a battle fought in challenging wooded ravine filled terrain. But where are the blue flags of Cleburne’s Division?

    Phil McBride Lockhart, Texas Author: Whittled Away: A Novel of the Alamo Rifles

    CHARGE! Civ

  2. I don’t have any Western armies (I am a Gettysburg Campaign guy, of course, the subject of most of my books). So, I have no blue flags.

  3. Some day Scott may join the rest of us in seeing the greatness of the western theatre and Trans Miss. Poor guy. 😉

  4. pendelio

    i follow since some months this website and always be in admiration about your tables and figurines.

    Thank you for this inspiration ! And congratulations for the autors ! (sorry for my english)

    A french ACW new wargamer :

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