Australian gamer’s 40mm ACW collection


A few years ago, I spent a delightful morning touring the first day’s battlefield with Australian wargamer Brad Smith and his charming wife, Judy. We all had fun, and it was neat to talk about our mutual hobby of wargaming the American Civil War over lunch after the battlefield tramping. Brad and I have stayed in periodic contact since that 2012 morning, and he recently sent me several photographs of his 40mm ACW collection.

Brad’s friend Ian Fainges “spruced up” some of the figures to augment Brad’s painting. Ian also took the photos which appear on this Charge! blog entry. The figures are 99% Sash and Saber and 1% Foundry. The flags are from The Flag Dude, a popular U.S.-based producer of high quality customized flags.

Here are several more of those photos. Nice work, lads!


Dismounted cavalry holds a fence line in support of an artillery battery. Note the characteristic “bird’s nest” piping on the bugler in the center of the photo!


The big guns prepare to bang away at the oncoming Confederate regiments, while the commanding general rushes forward infantry reinforcements to relieve the cavalry troopers.


Marching into position… a storm of shot and shell awaits these brave lads.


And here are some of the Confederates… some very nice figures and paint jobs in both miniature 40mm armies!


I particularly like the landscaping on the officers’ base stands. 40mm gives a better opportunity for this kind of detailing than my own 15mm ACW stands.


Brig. Gen. Lewis Armistead and his famous hat on the flag pose from the Battle of Gettysburg. Some accounts suggest that by the time the general reached the Union lines, his hat had slipped down to the hilt of his sword. He would be mortally wounded in the ill-fated assault.

Smith08Two lines of Rebels in double ranks approach the Union position. Nice variety of poses!


Nice work by a talented pair of gamers! Thanks for sharing this Brad and Ian!

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