Newly painted 40mm ACW figures from Brad Smith and Ian Fainges!

confedart40mmS3 Australian wargamers and master painters Brad Smith and Ian Fainges are back with some more examples of their excellent 40mm American Civil War figures from their collection. Enjoy! confedart40mms1 These gunners look ready for action! They prepare to engage a distant Union battery with counter-battery fire. confedart40mmS2 5thny40mma1 The 5th New York spots the distant unsupported battery and begins to head toward it in hopes of capturing the guns, or at the least, driving them off. 5thny40mma4 Painting ACW zouaves can be a bit trickly, especially with all of the piping and trim, but these are superbly done! 5thny40mma3 berdanss40mms1 A group of Berdan’s sharpshooters creep close enough to begin to take long-range potshots at the Rebel gunners. berdanss40mms3 confedcav40mmS2 Confederate cavalry soon drive off the pesky sharpshooters and guard the exposed flank of the artillery battery. confedcav40mmS1 Great job, Ian and Brad!

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3 thoughts on “Newly painted 40mm ACW figures from Brad Smith and Ian Fainges!

  1. Great looking figures, inspiring work!
    Mike B

  2. David Christian Stotsenburgh

    what rules do you use for 40mm ACW?

  3. Anonymous

    Fire and Fury David

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