Help requested for mini-diorama

4812 Confed Artillery Diorama Wilson

Wilson diorama of Confederate artillery

A reader sent me this image of an old Confederate artillery diorama (25-28mm it appears) he purchased in the 1980s. It is hand-painted with excellent detail and is hand-signed “Wilson” in white ink on the lip of the hardwood base.

Does anyone know anything about this piece, especially the identity of “Wilson”? What about the figures? Any idea of the manufacturer?

Any information is appreciated!





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3 thoughts on “Help requested for mini-diorama

  1. Rob Westbrook

    I can’t help with the artist’s name. However the figures are definitely 54mm I’m Irie Riley miniatures and not 25-28mm as you originally surmised. The miniatures are still available, unpainted through the company website at

  2. Thanks! It was hard to tell from the photograph what scale they were.

  3. Wasn’t Wilson the ball/friend of Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away? Hahaha. Sorry not a big help. Great Diorama. I plan (One day) on building a Diorama depicting a section of the Battle of Antietam.

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