Help requested for mini-diorama

4812 Confed Artillery Diorama Wilson

Wilson diorama of Confederate artillery

A reader sent me this image of an old Confederate artillery diorama (25-28mm it appears) he purchased in the 1980s. It is hand-painted with excellent detail and is hand-signed “Wilson” in white ink on the lip of the hardwood base.

Does anyone know anything about this piece, especially the identity of “Wilson”? What about the figures? Any idea of the manufacturer?

Any information is appreciated!





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5 thoughts on “Help requested for mini-diorama

  1. Rob Westbrook

    I can’t help with the artist’s name. However the figures are definitely 54mm I’m Irie Riley miniatures and not 25-28mm as you originally surmised. The miniatures are still available, unpainted through the company website at

  2. Thanks! It was hard to tell from the photograph what scale they were.

  3. Wasn’t Wilson the ball/friend of Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away? Hahaha. Sorry not a big help. Great Diorama. I plan (One day) on building a Diorama depicting a section of the Battle of Antietam.

  4. Tom Bookwalter

    Just saw this. The figures are 54mm. I remember when they came out, but I am not sure of the manufacturer. They were sold in unpainted kit form. I believe the came out in the mid to late 70s.

    I am almost certain they were made in the US. The main manufacturers here at that time were Imrie/Risley, Old Guard, and Cavalier. I believe it was one of them. At one time I believe I had the officer figure.

    I do not know who Wilson was, but he was obviously the guy who painted and did the diorama.


  5. pat sloan second maine cavavalry retired new orleans la

    hello i used to paint for the la petit soldier shop here in new orleans i ve painted hundreds of this set of figures mostly cs often washington artillery i m a retired c w re enactor who ocasionly used to do do artillery in a pinch the figures are by i mrie risely and fairly easy to paint the figures in the photo are allin the wrong postion the rammer guy is no 1 should be on theright next to the muzzle thefigure with pouch is the number 2 and shuld be on tthe left near the muzzle the figure pulling the lanyard is the number 3 should be on right the officer can stand anywhere he wants agun was usally commanded by a seargent cs gun batteries had 4 guns pulled by 4 horses each us batteries 6 guns pulled 6 horses each for 20 years i assigned civilwar figures at the soldier shop it seemed like purgatoy in blue and grey my specialies american all eras british all eras german all eras napoleonics and third reich i used to paint every figure type in the store until other artists were given just about everything else none of the other artists wanted to paint at all i ve ben handling militaria and weapons sincethe ealy 60s the figures i paint weapons are very acurate as is the rest ofuniform and equiment i painted for the sodier shop 42 years i ve been painting for52 years the soldier shop closed after 40 years 1965 to 2006 it sold miltary medals helmets uniforms swords edged weapons and stuff likethat and nazi crap until the 1990s when the nazi crap dried up trust me the shop sold thousands of figures every year espically imrie risely in 2006 new owners took over and drove the place into the ground okay a note about artillery never ever stand directly behind the barrel when firing they can blow up parrot rifles were known for this i hope comes in helpful i ve been in about a hundred re enactments from rev war 1812 civil war from as few as 20 re enactors to as many 8000 re enactors and what gets me is how any body survied at all

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