New Osprey book – Atlanta 1864: Sherman Marches South


The latest Civil War book from Osprey is Atlanta 1864: Sherman Marches South, written by James Donnell with illustrations by Steve Noon.

From Osprey’s website: “On September 3, 1864, Union Major-General William Tecumseh Sherman telegraphed the War Department in Washington, D.C., “Atlanta is ours, and fairly won.” The capture of the heart of the south the day before was the end of a fiercely fought four-month campaign in the Western Theater of the Civil War and caused jubilation throughout the North. More importantly for the Union cause, it propelled President Abraham Lincoln to reelection two months later.

In this volume author James Donnell explores the entire Atlanta campaign, from Sherman’s initial clashes with Joseph E. Johnston’s army of Tennessee to the final Confederate resistance under General John Bell Hood. Perfectly complemented by specially commissioned artwork and detailed maps, this study takes the reader from the border of Georgia and Tennessee to Atlanta, with Sherman preparing for his famous March to the Sea.”


The new book, released in late February 2016, is up to the usual fine quality levels the hobby has come to expect from Osprey. Lucid, crisp text gives a sweeping overview of Sherman’s movements, Johnson’s counter efforts, key battles, and the strategic implications for both the Davis government and the Lincoln Administration. More than a hundred period and modern photographs, several battle maps, pictures of key leaders, detailed orders of battle, and custom illustrations augment and supplement Donnell’s verbiage.

The individual sections follow the standard Osprey format for its Campaign series: The Strategic Situation, Chronology, Opposing Plans, Opposing Commanders, Opposing Forces, The Campaign, Aftermath, The Battlefield Today, Further Reading, followed by an index.

About the author: “James Donnell has been fascinated with the Civil War ever since he made a visit to the Gettysburg battlefield in elementary school. He has studied Civil War history and tactics for 25 years. In that time, he has amassed a considerable library of military history, in general, and Civil War history in particular. In 2000, he retired from the US Air Force, and is currently living in southeast Virginia, where he spends his spare time touring the innumerable Civil War sites in the area.Steve Noon was born in Kent, UK, and attended art college in Cornwall. He’s had a life-long passion for illustration, and since 1985 has worked as a professional artist. He has provided award-winning illustrations for the publishers Dorling Kindersley, where his interest in historical illustration began. Steve has illustrated over 30 books for Osprey” – source: Osprey website

James Donnell, Atlanta 1864: Sherman Marches South, Osprey Publishing, 2016, 96 pages, softcover, illustrated (many in full color), index, MSRP is $24.00, ISBN 978-1-4728-1153-0

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