More ACW gaming fun from “down under”

Brad Smith writes: “Our Brisbane [Australia] gaming group commemorated the current anniversary with a 40mm game (on July 1 of course) of Pettigrew/Brockenbrough/Daniel’s afternoon assault towards Seminary Ridge. It was a four player a side game. Ian [Fainges] took photos.
All the landmarks were there, the Seminary, McPherson’s barn, the railway cuts and Herbst’s woods along with the Iron Brigade (that started worn after the morning fight), John Burns in his top hat, 26th NC with the boy colonel, etc.

It was good fun and ended in a Union win. That will most likely change if we
subsequently game Pender’s assault!
The Fire & Fury wargame was partially based on a scenario from the classic, out-of-print Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature, Volume I  by Scott Mingus and Ivor Janci.
Get that attack going! Advance!
The unfinished railroad cut west of Gettysburg. At the time of the battle, the tracks were completed eastward to New Oxford and then on through Hanover to Hanover Junction. No tracks had yet been laid to the west toward Chambersburg.
Fresh Federal troops pour westward from the Lutheran Seminary area.
Union artillery deploys in support of the arriving infantry.
The famed Iron Brigade, made up of regiments from Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan, would take significant casualties on this day.
Some of Harry Heth’s boys attack the Union line on the McPherson tenant farm.
A wider view of the Rebel assault in progress as Union troops hold the line, at least temporarily.
The fallback position for the Union First Corps is the Lutheran Theological Seminary.
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One thought on “More ACW gaming fun from “down under”

  1. Great minis and terrain. Sounds like fun

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