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Charge #19 mailed to JRGS members!

Photograph by Thomas M. Mingus of York, PA. Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

Issue #19, as with all previous issues of the hard copy Charge! Civil War newsletter, has been mailed on-time and should arrive in your various mailboxes within the next few days. Debi and I are winding up our fifth year of publication of this “fanzine,” which has become the most popular Civil War-only miniature wargaming publication in current print. We thank you, the readership, for your support all these years, especially when I was thinking of stopping the effort, and with renewed energy and passion, we look forward to the 6th year!

This issue begins with a revealing interview with gamemaster and Charles S. Roberts Award winner John Hill, whose authorship of the Johnny Reb rules have provided so many hours of entertainment (and a little controversy at times!) for thousands of ACW buffs and wargamers around the world. We present three original ACW 15mm scenarios that are convertable for other rules sets such as Regimental Fire & Fury, Mr. Lincoln’s War, Johnny Reb 2, Civil War Commander, A Glint of Bayonets, and others. These scenarios are for the battles of Cloyd’s Mountain (in the early campaign for what became the new state of West Virginia), Ezra Church (in the Western Theater’s Atlanta Campaign), and Peralta (way out west in the Southwest). Three widely different scenarios from three widely different campaigns!!!

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Charge #18 to be mailed shortly!

Debi and I are happy to announce that the hard copy version of Charge! has been printed and will be mailed on-time for an 18th consecutive issue. With our busy schedules, we are pleased to keep this streak alive, and commit to continue to try to get the newsletter out on the due date.

Among the highlights are three new scenarios for regimental-level wargamers, including the Battle of Plum Point Bend, the Battle of Milliken’s Bend, and the Battle of the Crater. Other articles include a very nice treatise on canister from Tim Deichl, another article on painting figures by Andrew MacDonald-Rice, book and music reviews, and Doug Rogers’ review of the new Civil War Commander miniature rules.

The newsletter is mailed free with your annual dues to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society.

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Accepting articles for May and August hard copy issues of Charge

Debi and I are now accepting articles for the next two issues of Charge. With our duaghter’s upcoming wedding this summer, we want to get these issues filled out and put to bed as early as possible so we can concentrate on the wedding plans. We have a few articles already received for each issue, but are always looking for more material!

Here are some ideas:

* Johnny Reb 3 or similar regimental-level ACW scenarios

* Unit histories and painting guides

* Reviews of new Civil War wargaming products you have purchased

* After-action reports with photos of your ACW games

* Campaign games

* House rules you use to add to the enjoyment of Johnny Reb gaming

* Original articles on tactics, weaponry, and other ACW-related facts

* Wargaming strategies – how to win at Johnny Reb 3 and establish dominence on the gaming table versus your opponents without cheating or whining. For example, when to use skirmishers effectively, attack formations and when to use them, etc.

* Photos of your finished terrain, and how you constructed it.

You get the idea! Now, get out your PC and start typing!

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Some neat articles coming in Charge #18!


Folks are already sending in articles and scenarios for inclusion in the February issue of the hard copy Charge! newsletter. One of the more intriguing submissions so far is an original scenario being developed by Jerry Stefek for the Battle of Milliken’s Bend. This rather obscure little battle took place on June 7, 1863, along the banks of the Mississippi River near the tiny rural village of Milliken’s Bend, Louisiana. A portion of Walker’s Greyhounds, a famed Confederate Texas division, attacked green Union troops deployed on a levee as Union gunboats rushed to provide additional firepower.

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New product released at Fall In by Les Batiments

My old college friend George Nafziger (a wargaming host when we were students at Miami of Ohio) had on display in his booth at the Fall In dealer hall a new 10mm building that is sure to get a lot of interest from ACW gamers! It a very nice depiction of the standard German-style overhanging bank barn, which are so very common here in south-central Pennsylvania. This new resin model is detailed, well sculpted, and paints up quite well. It has the barn and a base plate. The model could easily be used for the McPherson, Bliss, or Rose barns at Gettysburg, all of which were in this general style.

Although quite pricey ($22), this may be the most accurate Pennsylvania Overhanging Barn model I have yet seen. It’s sure to be a conversation piece on your tabletop Gettysburg layout and, coupled with what John Mayer’s Round Top Miniatures is now producing, there is a very refreshing renewal of interest in 10mm Gettysburg buildings.

Les Batiments can be reached at their website or by mail at P.O. Box 8122, West Chester, Ohio 45069-8122.

Very nice addition George! Keep the Gettysburg buildings coming! What buildings would you like to see the manufacturers add to their existing product lines?

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Charge #17 has been mailed!

The 17th issue of the hard copy Charge! newsletter / magazine has been printed, collated, and stuffed into mailing envelopes. More newsletters are being printed for late membership renewals.

 This issue features Chris Maes’ new bolt-on rules for adding riverine and coastal naval actions to the existing Johnny Reb 3 rules. Entitled “Jack Tar,” these are sure to be popular and will elicit response from the gaming community. Also included in this issue is a scenario Chris wrote for a combined arms attack on Fort Fisher in North Carolina, which can be used to try out these rules. The scenario has infantry (standard JR3 rules), naval guns, Navy landing parties, transport boats, and othr goodies!

Also in this issue is a scenario written by Jon Coulter of Old Dominion Game Works for the Battle of Belmont. While specifically written with his American BattleLines rules in mind, it is readily adaptable for JR3, Regimental Fire & Fury, etc.  Also included is Brian Scherzer’s classic overview of Civil War carbines, a very important weapon for the cavalry of both sides.

If you have never read Charge!, sample issues are available for $5, plus $2 postage and handling. Contact the Johnny Reb Gaming Society for details.

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What would you like to see in the pages of hard copy Charge?

As Debi and I start planning for 2008 and our fifth year of editing and publishing Charge!, the official hard copy newsletter of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society, we are soliciting input from you, the Civil War wargaming community, for your indeas and input as to what topics, articles, or information you would like to see in upcoming issues. Got a favorite subject that needs some in-depth treatment? What about a specific regiment or brigade that you would like to see covered? Any battles that need scenarios? Painting guides that are needed?

We REALLY solicit your feedback as we strive to keep Charge! as the premier active newsletter for ACW gamers. Quality and variety are what we are seeking and, as a Six Sigma champion, I strive for continuous improvement not only at work, but in my hobbies and writing.

In addition, we covet your written articles – after-action reports, original wargaming scenarios, painting guides, terrain tips, historical articles on specific Civil War topics, and campaign ideas.

Send an email to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society and let us know your thoughts, ideas, and proposed submissions! All messages will be read and acknowledged by the editors.

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Coming in Charge! hard copy issue #16

August’s issue of CHARGE! newsletter/magazine (Issue #16) will be mailed the first week of August, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise…

Features include original miniature wargaming scenarios for Monroe’s Crossroads, The Mounds, and Marais des Cygnes, as well the Battle of Piedmont. We will have an article by Dr. Mark Grimsley of Ohio State regarding How to Read a Civil War Battlefield, a painting guide for the 11th Indiana by Andy MacDonald-Rice, terrain tips from Doug Kline on home-made stone walls and stake and rider fences, a review of Round Tops Miniatures’ new 10mm Snyder farmhouse, and other goodies.

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New scenario series coming in hard copy CHARGE!

Mitchell Land is writing a new series of original miniature wargaming scenarios for publication in CHARGE!, starting in Issue #16. This series will focus in Sterling Price’s Missouri Raid and promises to offer a number of interesting engagements and battles for regimental-level miniature wargamers to try on your gaming tables.

 The first installment will be the Action at the Mounds, an unusual battle fought among two imposing prehistoric Indian mounds in Linn County, Kansas. This will be supplemented by two smaller scenarios for the delaying actions at Marais des Cygnes by Clark’s brigade. All are fun little scenarios designed for two players.

The highlight of this series (in print later this year) will be the Battle of Mine Creek, an engagement with over 10,000 mounted infantry and cavalry that will surely challenge the wargamer to learn to effectively manuever with these short-range troops.

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Charge # 15 mailed!!!!

Issue # 15 of Charge! has been mailed to all members of the Johnny Reb War Gaming Society. This issue has some great articles written by a wide variety of wargamers. For those blog readers not familiar with Charge!, it is the hard copy quarterly newsletter of the society and comes free with paid annual dues. Each issue contains miniature wargaming scenarios suitable for regimental-level rules such as Johnny Reb 3, Regimental Fire & Fury, Dave Marks’ new Honor & Glory, Mr. Lincoln’s War, American BattleLines, Rally Round the Flag, and others. The newsletter also features terrain tips, painting guides, biographies, vignettes, wargaming after-action reports, book and new product reviews, articles on weaponry, and other items of interest to wargamers and Civil War buffs.

Here are the articles in Issue #15:

 * To the Sound of the Guns, by Robert Sweeney, Jr. – an overview of Johnny Reb 3 rules covering artillery.

* Showdown at Seven Pines, by Mike Wedding – The southern half of the fighting at Seven Pines on May 31, 1862.

* Sumner’s Fight at Fair Oaks, by Scott Mingus – The northern half of the fighting at Seven Pines on May 31, 1862.

* Fair Oaks Heroics, by Russ Lockwood – Vignettes and anecdotes from the Battle of Fair Oaks / Seven Pines.

* Minute Biography: Capt. Samuel Richardson, by Larry Reber – The first in a series by Larry of what will be dozens of life overviews for notable Civil War personalities, coupled with  photos of Larry’s custom-converted 15mm figure of that person. Richardson was noted for his colorful jaguar-skin pants and his hard riding as a partisan.

* Bronze Guns and Iron Men: Confederate Artillery of the Army of Northern Virginia. Part 1 – Limbers and Caissons, by Peter Griffith – an introductory article to the artillery of Lee’s army and a painting guide for wargamers.

* Product Review: Wargamer’s Terrain FlexRiver, by Doug Rogers – a review of a new system of flexible latex rivers for the gaming table.

* Minute Biography: General Isaac Trimble, by Larry Reber – #2 is this fascinating series, Larry presents a custom figure of Ike Trimble, the firebrand who clamored for an attack on Cemetery Hill during Day 1 at Gettysburg.

* The Sutler’s Corner: ACW Accessories from Les Batiments, LLC, by Scott Mingus – A new line of 10-15mm accessories from George Nafziger and Hank Lubbers, including tents, stone walls, lob cabins, and other goodies.

* Introducing the Element of Chance, by Robert Sweeney, Jr. – An exciting new twist for JR3 players, Bob introduces a card system to add randomness and fog of war to the JR3 game. Very fun!

* Modifying the Charge Procedure in JR3, by Todd Shipley – some useful and interesting new modifications to P.J. O’Neill’s charge resolution tables for Johnny Reb 3.

* Shades of Blue & Grey: A Painters’ Eye View. Part 1, by Andrew MacDonald-Rice – Andy Mac presents the first in a series of figure painting tips and guides.

* Regimental Level ACW Scenario Books, by “the Mad Wargamer” – the veteran masked marvel brings JRGS members an overview and summary of commercially published wargaming scenario books for Civil War gamers and challenges the membership to submit scenarios for a wide variety of battles not yet covered or undercovered.

Lots and lots of goodies coming up in the next issue.

We continue to bring occasional articles from publish authors of Civil War books, with a new surprise guest writer coming in Issue #16! In the past, we have published articles from J. David Petruzzi (Plenty of Blame to Go Around: Jeb Stuart’s Controversial Ride to Gettysburg), Phil Cole (The Artillery at Gettysburg), Brent Nosworthy (Bloody Crucible of Courage), Scott Mingus (Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition), Chuck Teague (several magazine articles for national publications), nd others. We have several more ACW authors lined up as guest writers in future issues!!

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