Free ACW scenarios

For several years the Johnny Reb Gaming Society published original ACW miniature wargaming scenarios in its quarterly hard copy newsletter, Charge!. Back issues are available in hard copy directly from the Society’s newsletter editors (Scott and Debi Mingus) or via electronic format at the Wargame Vault‎.

Try this free scenario for the fight at Pardee Field (Culp’s Hill at Gettysburg) on July 3, 1863, on-line at PARDEE FIELD. This was the original Johnny Reb 3 scenario that I slightly reworked for inclusion in my scenario book, Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature.

I have also compiled a master list of the vast majority of the JR Civil War scenarios that have appeared in hard copy format over the years since the original Johnny Reb rules were introduced in 1983. Note that this list does not include American Revolution scenarios for the AWI variant rules sets, nor scenarios for Dean West’s The Final Argument of Kings, an excellent variant for early 19th century warfare.


Click the link to bring up the JR scenarios index! jr-scenarios.doc

Here some free Johnny Reb 3 wargaming scenarios:

* Chantilly scenario

* Gettysburg: Pardee Field

* Gettysburg: Sedgwick’s Charge

* Roanoke Island

* Salem Church

* South Mountain: Fox’s Gap

* Sykes’ Regulars at Antietam (Cemetery Hill)



Here is a link to an improved version of the standard Johnny Reb 3 rules charts, used by permission of John Hill. Johnny Reb 3 modified tables

Some of the gamers on the JRIII Yahoo Group worked with Doug Kline, Dean West, and others to rewrite a portion of the Johnny Reb 3 rules for added clarity. Have a look! jr-clarification

Finally, here is a link to my step-by-step turn sequence for Johnny Reb 3, incorporating the above charts, but in sequential order. Johnny Reb 3 step-by-step



21 thoughts on “Free ACW scenarios

  1. Erwin Muilwijk

    Hello Scott, I saw you once published a scenario for Glorietta Pass in Miniature Wargames #132. Do you have that available????

    I do have JR scenarios for Valverde and Peralta and want to play the last one and Glorietta Pass at two conventions and Valverde at my club. All being part of this years ‘campaign of 1862’ (also with F&F).
    I am making a Glorietta Pass scenario myself as well, which includes Chivington’s excursion too (probably with a what if kind of manner either stumbling into the CS supply train or as he was ordered, getting into Scurry’s flank as was intended).
    Well, first make some buildings for Peralta!

    Hope to hear from you.

  2. Charles Bryant

    How can I get the Johnny Tremain AWI variant?

  3. Charles, Ask and ye shall receive!! I posted the Johnny Tremaine variant rules on the blog a few days ago.

  4. Hi,

    We are using these rules in our club (Tin Soldiers of Antwerp) to recreate the Scott Mingus scenarios of the battle of Gettysburg.

    One question could not be answered and I wonder if you guys could help out.

    – When infantry fires at a lone artillery section and inflicts one (non-horse) casualty, would this just be moot or the whole section or just ..



  5. If the unit is a single section, I play that it is eliminated by a non-horse hit on the Combat Results Table.

  6. Mike


    I’ve looked through the scenario list and have found reference to “Battles of the American Civil War Vol 1 (Glory Enough For All) by Daniel Jackson”

    I can’t find any web references to this book…is it available, is it a book, magazine etc. I’m particularly interested in a scenario for Bull Run (The whole thing…at regemental level)



  7. Hello Mike!

    Daniel Jackson’s scenario booklet has been out of print for perhaps 15 years. I have not seen a copy for sale for at least ten or twelve years.

    Bull Run at regimental scale would be a great addition to the body of scenarios! I have long contemplated breaking the entire Second Bull Run battle down into pieces for Johnny Reb 3, similar to my scenario books for Antietam and Gettysburg, but my job and my regular book writing take precedence over another gaming scenario book.


  8. Hi,

    I am trying to build myself a library of JR I & II & III scenarios. The reason is an event I run every year whereby we play JR III on 28 mm scale in our clubhouse in Belgium.

    The next one is planned for March 2011 and will feature 1st Manassas. (2000+ miniatures, 18’x18′ table size)

    Is there a possibility of electronically procure missing scenarios that fature in the overview list (like the ones published in CHARGE, or The ZOuave, or To the Sound of the Guns, or Battles of the American Civil War, or A Clash of Sabers, or …)

    Just asking, Thanks for feedback


  9. The books you mentioned are copyrighted, so there are no electronic versions on-line that I am aware of. The back issues of Charge are available on-line for $2.99 each at the Wargame Vault.

  10. Scott,

    Thanks for the info. If I would supply a list of back issues, how can I settle the bill ? Is paypal or CC possible ?



  11. Simply go to the Wargame Vault and download whatever back issues of Charge you desire.

  12. Chris Johnson

    Is your book of skirmish scenarios (or are there two?) still available? I’ve tried various dealers and have had no luck. I tried to find Mr. Janci’s email address and couldn’t find it.


    Chris Johnson

  13. I believe the scenarios books are all sold out. Ivor Janci has been working on some .pdf versions.

  14. Do you have an order of battle for Brandy Station with exact troop strength (# of men in each regiment–even for those who did not participate). I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find regimental numbers for my Johnny Reb II force build. Cheers

  15. Finally found it. All these numbers can be found in the book:
    The Gettysburg Campaign in Numbers and Losses: Synopses, Orders of Battle, Strengths, Casualties, and Maps, June 9 – July 14, 1863


    I’m just getting into ACW miniatures after having played with Norris from Beechgrove, IN. at the John Hill Memorial event at Sage’s Shoppe in W.LAFAYETTE Indiana in Feb of 2015 and am going hog wild on getting JRII, III and his Across a deadly Field and have found the info here about as helpful as any place regarding the JR rules and colorfull charts and info, thanks a load.
    Happy happy happy bout that.
    Now to find or get some locals started into it, I have already built up about 9 rgts a piece for YANKS AND REBS, 4 UNION BATTERIES/SECTIONS and 2 Conf. and 10 Cav. for Rebels.
    But a friend in W.L. has allowed me to use about a 1,000 of his figures and they are quite nice…Thanks Denis for that.
    I have just found cigarbox mats/maps that are quite nice for both JR AND ADF.

  17. I am just getting into ACW war gaming and have a question. When writing a scenario, how do you determine morale for a unit? I just downloaded and read the Chantilly scenario and the use of elite and veteran status seems off to me. I guess I would figure in ’62 a handful of regiments could be veteran and one or two elite, but that is my opinion. How do you come up with your ratings?

  18. Thanks for the message. The ratings were somewhat arbitrary. Almost all the regiments at Chantilly/Ox Hill had fought a Second Bull Run or elsewhere earlier in the summer, making them veterans for purpose of gaming actions. Green units tend to break and run faster, and they shoot less well. That did not seem to apply to most of the units on the field, especially the Confederate ones. Because most of the latter had considerable combat experience, I rated some of them as elite (particularly the Louisiana Tigers). Of course, I am biased because LSU Press published my popular book on the Louisiana Tigers in the Gettysburg Campaign a few years ago. I totally stopped wargaming after I started writing books (21 of them so far!); no time to game. Rather make money than spend it on figures!

  19. Thank you for your reply, Scott. I see great possibilities for gaming and will be on a hunt for as many scenarios as I can find befire I ever try my own hand at writing one. Is there a consolidated book listing all the regiments/brigades/divisions and their campaigns?

    Thanks for your help. Ill be reading many more articles off your blog as I explore ACW gaming.

  20. There is not a consolidated list for all battles, but I do have lists available for Gettysburg and Antietam. They are available to download from the

  21. Thanks!

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