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Some SWEET 10mm ACW figures!!!!



All photos are courtesy of Pawel Chrzanowski; these are some spectacular figures!!!!

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Andy Mac’s superb 10mm 9th Virginia Infantry

10mm Reb 9th Virginia 06

British wargaming figure painter Andrew MacDonald-Rice (“Andy Mac”) is one of my favorite figure painters and miniatures photographer in the world. He’s back with another exceptionally well painted and detailed 10mm regiment for your viewing enjoyment.

Have a look at this eye candy!

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These guys are tiny! 10mm ACW gaming

10mm Civil War miniature wargaming figures and terrain from a game held at Rock Con 2008. The rules were A Terrible Discord by Doyle Collins. Photos by Randy Miller of ACME Terrain. For more photos of this scenario, “Richmond or Bust,” please click here.

Have you ever tried 10mm wargaming? It packs more figures, terrain, and excitement into a smaller space, making the scale ideal for kitchen table gaming or smaller venues than 25mm or even 15mm. The scale can readily be used for larger convention games as well.

I gave 10mm a shot a few years ago when I purchased some packs of 10mm Rebellion figures from the good folks at GHQ, who made the Terrain Maker hexes I was finishing and using at the time. I also picked up a bunch of 10mm accessories and houses / buildings and planned to switch from 15mm to 10mm (keep in mind that I had already scaled down from 20mm K+L figures to 15s, so this would have been my second dip into the scale downsizing pool).

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